Kaspersky Phound! - free anti-theft application for Android

Kaspersky Lab presents a new free application for Android - Phound! It is a tool that allows users to protect valuable things for them - mobile devices and personal data. The application helps you quickly find a lost gadget and keep all valuable information stored in it away from the curious eyes.

According to a survey conducted over one year, an average of one respondent in twenty - and in some countries even one in six - lost his smartphone or tablet due to carelessness or theft. At the same time, as many as 36% of Europeans admitted that their device contains confidential data that should not fall into the wrong hands. Kaspersky Phound! was created to help users avoid this kind of disturbing situation.

Phound! offers gadgets owners the ability to remotely control their devices and data stored on them through the My Kaspersky portal. In the event of a lost or stolen device, users can quickly block it, preventing unauthorized access, as well as use GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi technology to determine the position of the equipment on the map. To facilitate the search for the device, users can also remotely take pictures using the camera's built-in camera or display a message on its screen.

If your phone or tablet has disappeared at home or in the office, you can locate it using the alarm function - the device makes a loud noise that lasts until the secret code is entered. As the last resort board, the owner of the lost smartphone / tablet can use the remote destruction of all personal data from the device and the SD card, including contacts, messages, photos, etc. It is also possible to remotely perform a hard reset of the device.

"For many users, mobile devices are used to store the most valuable and most important data - contacts of friends and colleagues, personal messages, private photos and many other things. This means that today's smartphones and tablets require the same protection as a safe. However, in contrast to safes, smartphones are small, portable and can easily be misguided. In order not to let the mobile 'safes' of users fall into the wrong hands, we have created an appropriate security solution for them, "said Alexei Czikov , senior product manager, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Phound! is available free of charge in the official Android app store - Google Play: http://r.kaspersky.com/phound . This application complements the range of mobile Kaspersky Lab products - free and premium - intended for home users, including Kaspersky Safe Browser (for iOS and Windows Phone), Kaspersky QR Scan (for iOS and Android), Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Kaspersky Password Manager (for iOS and Android).

The full results of the research used in this press release are available in English at http://r.kaspersky.pl/vdBib .

source: Kaspersky Lab

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