Konica Minolta will introduce Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Wireless technology into its IT management platform

Sophos, the world leader in network and terminal security, announced a partnership with Konica Minolta Inc. The goal of the cooperation is to integrate Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Wireless with Workplace Hub - an innovative solution for medium and small enterprises including basic office automation functions, security systems, IOT device management tools and data storage space. Konica Minolta decided to cooperate with Sophos due to the knowledge of the manufacturer in the field of IT security and experience in providing fully integrated solutions for companies that are easy to implement and manage for organizations that do not have extensive security teams.

Thanks to easy management and the ability to closely monitor network activity, the XG firewall is consistent with Konica Minolta's Workplace Hub vision. Both companies share the same philosophy of providing simple and versatile technologies for companies of all sizes - says Francois Depayras, Vice President for Global OEM Alliances at Sophos. By integrating Sophos security with API interfaces, Konica Minolta achieves the quality of security that is right for its customers. Sophos products are simple to implement, provide effective protection and excellent performance, making them a great choice for innovative technology providers such as Konica Minolta.

Dennis Curry, Executive Director of Global R & D and Deputy CTO at Konica Minolta, commented on cooperation with Sophos:

Workplace Hub not only helps companies of all sizes in achieving an effective digital transformation, but also provides reliability at the next stage of innovation development. We needed a reliable and simple solution that would support our vision of future integration with IOT, artificial intelligence and other opportunities that became the basis of the business environment of tomorrow. Sophos proved to be an ideal partner because of his knowledge of security, offering solutions tested in practice and the ability to support us in every phase of the project.

The new generation Sophos XG Firewall offers many features that make OEM integration simple and effective. They include:

  • Flexible interface management from the API level.
  • Many packages, including email and network security, sandboxes, next generation firewall and wireless security.
  • An extensive training program that enables quick implementation within the sales team.
  • Support and integration processes, enabling partners to bring new solutions to the market faster.

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