A large company has been a victim of hackers: information leaked about 143 million Americans

Equifax, one of the largest companies in the United States in the financial industry, was hacked. The 143 million records about borrowers leaked: insurance numbers, dates of birth, residence addresses and driver license numbers. The data leak allows more than 200,000 people to be identified. Among the victims are also citizens of Great Britain and Canada.

In an official statement, the company admitted that an unauthorized attempt to access their systems was noticed as early as mid-May 2017. Hackers until July 29 had remote access to company secrets.

An external company was hired to investigate the incident. Although the investigation is still ongoing, the company reveals that the burglary occurred due to the use of a vulnerability in one of the applications. However, it is not known what application is meant.

Rick Smith, CEO of Equifax and his team created the equifaxsecurity2017.com website, which contains information on what the injured should do.

A well-configured Data Leak Prevention product would be able to block attempts to transfer information outside the company network. Unfortunately, such protections have not been or have been improperly implemented.

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