A little interesting test of antivirus programs for Mac OS X

AV-TEST tested 10 Avast, Avira, Bitdefender, ClamXav, Intego, Kaspersky, Intel Security (McAfee), Symantec, Sophos and Webroot antivirus products in Mac OS X to show what protection each program has. Unfortunately, the AV-Test team did not attempt a more complex methodology - the most important point of the study was to show the detection of 160 samples, not real effectiveness. Viruses have not been run in the system, so the results should be treated with a slight grain of salt. This test can confirm at most the signature protection - that is, the manufacturer had the appropriate signatures capable of identifying the peaks - and at the time of the test. It is a pity that a world-renowned laboratory with financial resources, hardware and a team of experts has not been tempted (which once?) For a much better research methodology.

The test also included the number of false alarms, but no product blocked clean files.

The above chart shows the results from the 26.6GB data copying rate test and the impact on the slowdown of this operation by the installed antivirus software.

Full report: http://www.av-test.org/en/new…

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