Michael Shaulov with Check Point answers our questions

Some time ago we had the opportunity to ask some questions Michael Shaulov'owi -the person responsible for mobile security at Check Point, which is known primarily from the supply network equipment, including firewalls, firewalls next-generation VPN systems and solutions to protect mobile devices.

Michael Shaulov, CEO of Lacoon, Head of Mobility in the Check Point answered our questions. And here they are:

1. The development of computer technology and universal access to high-speed Internet, find it increasingly difficult to control the BYOD and the mobile security employees, while protecting at the same time, the value of the company's intellectual property and confidential information. BYOD can and contributed to the increase of productivity, but on the other hand, that hackers have a larger playing field thanks to an increased amount of attack vectors on IT infrastructure. What the company Check Point may propose small, medium and large enterprises in this respect?

Smartphones and tablets give us extremely easy access to critical company data, which we need in order to work faster and more efficiently. To allow employees to access them has many advantages, but it also puts the company at risk. These devices and business tools to manage them may not provide protection against mobile threats. This makes the sensitive data on mobile devices are very vulnerable to cyber attacks. Mobile Threat Prevention Check Point offers the most complete solution for protection against advanced threats on iOS and Android mobile devices. Our solution monitors and profiles the data that is exchanged between applications, networks and devices, so that detects threats that may be undetected by applications focused only on one of the attack vectors.

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention is the best solution available on the market for business, which allows you to manage and minimize the risks (BYOD. Bring Your Own Device-bring your own device) and the protection of workers and company data before mobile cyber threats.

Unique technology provides the best detection rate available on the market. This is the only solution that detects threats on your devices, applications and networks. Mobile users appreciate the transparency and instant detection and removal of threats, so that it can be safely all the time connected to the corporate network without compromise.

The company may be some security of mobile devices with instant removal and transfer of data in real time to the existing, hitherto used mobile infrastructures.

2. what Check Point products to protect mobile devices stand out from the competition and offered functionality?

We offer the most complete solution to detect and stop the threats on the device (operating system), applications and networks (such as Man in the Middle attacks). We use behavioral analysis to detect unknown attacks-thanks to the use of mobile threats emulation. Code analysis and system events becomes faster. We have the highest threat detection, and with transparency for the user implementation is very fast.

3. protection of mobile devices is very important, not only because universal employee access to corporate resources outside the workplace. How to protect yourself against threats initiated as a result of connecting phones, tablets to workstations? Infected mobile devices, as well as storage, can transmit harmful software.

Mobile Threat Prevention Check Point provides teams for the safety and mobility of full visibility and insight into the threat data. Security teams can better understand the quantity and diversity of mobile threats that may have an impact on their companies and employees, as well as learn about their containment. Teams of security and mobility can secure mobile devices quickly and reliably, thanks to seamless integration with MDM solutions/EMM. Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention is a highly scalable and has a high efficiency implementation in existing infrastructure security. Threat data collected in real time can be passed to the Check Point Smart Event, Check Point Threat Cloud, the leading SIEM and safety emergency response systems to better detect attacks be.

4. experts. safety agree that control BYOD is difficult, but possible, but whether the medium and large enterprises should replace the traditional solutions to protect mobile devices infrastructure VMI (Virtual Mobile Infrastructure) by reducing the the risk of data loss? Traditional solutions allow employee (depending on the security policy) to access corporate resources even outside the workplace, while VMI is running locally. Whether such a restrictive policy might correlate with BYOD? What then with data protection outside the workplace? Or maybe workers should use only secure encrypted tunnels (VPN)?

Although the use of VMI, like VDI, can reduce exposure to attack, even though there is a significant risk that, by attacking the Mobile HotSpot, the attacker gains full access rights on the target device. VMI safety may be omitted by capturing sensitive data directly from the buffer display (screen scraping) and sensors such as a microphone or camera. We have presented our concept of "Practical attacks on the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)" at the Black Hat Conference 2014 (white paper available for those interested). Use the VPN tunnel does not prevent this type of attack, as the attack vector can be anything: from physical access to SMS.

Users should use a solution that protects against mobile threats such as Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP), which allows malware detection, detect threats and threats to the system .

5. how to Check Point Solutions secure mobile systems against cyber attacks and malware?

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention protects mobile systems with multilayer behavioral analysis using the most modern methods of detection. Software from Check Point can in addition be used in other applications, such as mobile devices. through the use of Capsule Cloud help protect laptops outside the corporate network, with Capsule Docs and Capsule Workspace protect business data on mobile devices.

6. Last more and more often we hear about attacks on "portable operating systems". Zhakowano now modern systems, sniper rifles, and management systems for buildings (Building Management System) are also not free of vulnerabilities. Is the Internet of Things is we all need? Do they really need to process the next portion of data increasing the risk of intrusion to the LAN?

In General, the answer is Yes – wherever they are put modern technologies we see hackers motivated to discover and take advantage of their vulnerability. This includes any previously entered technology including PCs, business servers, the SCADA network. The exception are not mobile and the "internet of things".

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