Microsoft starts cooperation with Bitdefender: Windows Defender ATP will secure MacOS and Linux

Targeted attacks have become almost a daily occurrence in enterprises around the world. They happen more and more frequently, which is why the need for comprehensive threat analysis is even obligatory. Microsoft has partnered with Bitdefender - a company that is a leading leader in providing protection technologies for traditional workstations and virtual desktops (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

Microsoft's antivirus solution for companies ( Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ) had one major disadvantage - it did not integrate with MacOS systems and Linux distributions. Administrators could not integrate different systems with the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Management Console, but more importantly, employees were not protected from viruses that infect MacOS and Linux.

Cooperation between Microsoft and Bitdefender

The engineers of both companies have developed a lightweight agent integrating MacOS and Linux with the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection management console and the Bitdefender GravityZone console - the award-winning Bitdefender solution. Thanks to the cooperation of both companies, the administrators will have comprehensive information on:

  • paths to detected malicious files,
  • the name of the detected malware,
  • the current logged-in user, from the account and rights that the malware used,
  • operating system and IP addresses,

Microsoft decided that due to its long-standing reputation for the highest efficiency of malware detection, as well as the least number of false alarms for MacOS and Linux, Bitdefender will be the right partner to provide protection technologies and integrate previously unpaid Microsoft systems with the Windows management console Defender Advanced Threat Protection. The choice of Bitdefender by Microsoft is not a random decision. The company from Romania belongs to the Linux Foundation organization with the status of "Silver Participant" and actively works to promote and improve the security of virtual environments and open source programs.

Our engineers have done a titanic job of integrating two products so that Microsoft customers can enjoy security management and supervision, not only for large deployments of Windows endpoints, but also those with Mac and Linux systems - said Vince Schiavo, vice president of Global sales and marketing of Bitdefender.

More information about Bitdefender GravityZone:

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