NCA the target of DDoS attack conducted as part of the protest by Lizard Squad

A massive DDoS attack conducted by a group of Lizard Squad hackers influenced the daily work of the British National Crime Agency.

The hackers wrote the Twitter message "Stressed out" and attached the URL link to the agency's website. The attack was most likely triggered by the arrest of six teenagers a day earlier, accused of using a DoS attack to perform similar attacks on various websites. In an operation codenamed Vivarium, teenagers were accused of using the Lizard Stresser tool.

The official NCA statement rejects this incident as having a significant impact on the security infrastructure, classifying it as "temporary inconvenience to users of our website" .

"DDoS is a form of attack that is based on quantity, not skills. It is not a lack of security, nor does it affect our operational capability, " says the NCA statement. " In the worst case, this is a temporary inconvenience for users of our website. We have a responsibility to ensure that our site is maintained, especially in the face of threats that can be scaled indefinitely. At this time, our funds allow you to restart the site within 30 minutes, although sometimes it may take longer. We believe that this is enough at the moment. "

The hacker team Lizard Squad also confessed to disrupting online services Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation during Christmas in 2014. After the recent attack on the National Crime Agency, they confirmed that "They will start again", which probably means that they will soon be disrupting other network services.


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