New AP420 WatchGuard access points: exceptional Wi-Fi speed and integration with Google For Education

Bakotech, the exclusive distributor of WatchGuard solutions in Poland, announces that Watchguard is introducing new AP420 access points to its offer, which work in accordance with Wave2 802.11ac technology and ensure:

  • the fastest transmission speeds for smooth operation of applications requiring high bandwidth and minimal delays. Optimal parameters for VoIP, multimedia streaming and transfer of large data files via Wi-Fi
  • support for the highest density of clients thanks to the support of many MIMO users (MU-MIMO) to handle rooms full of smartphones, laptops and tablets at the same time - no need to wait for a Wi-Fi connection
  • third radio for dedicated WIPS scanning and RF optimization, which saves time and money
  • unique analytical and marketing functions

The latest version of Wi-Fi Cloud (Management 8.3) includes new Wi-Fi performance features that improve the work quality for users connected to WatchGuard access points, new application visibility and firewall policy control, and a predefined user role policy. In addition, it integrates with Google for Education to ensure that only devices registered in the Google domain of the school can connect to the school's Wi-Fi network and that network access policies are enforced. This unique integration provides even greater control, usability and ease of use in school districts.

More information on the AP420 product can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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