New decryption keys for Cryakla ransomware victims from No More Ransom

As a result of close cooperation with Kaspersky Lab, the Belgian federal police today publish free keys that decrypt data blocked by the Cryakl ransomware. The keys were obtained during the ongoing investigation, and by providing them as part of the No More Ransom initiative, the Belgian federal police is becoming the new associated partner of this project.

In the past few years, ransomware has overshadowed most of the other cyber threats. Global campaigns using these types of programs strike without exception in organizations from various industries, both in the public and private sectors and in consumers. One of the most effective ways to combat ransomware is to prevent this threat. That is why more than a year ago, the No More Ransom initiative was created.

NoMoreRansom decryption keys

No More Ransom: new decryption keys for Cryakla ransomware victims

Today, we saw another example of the fact that cooperation between law enforcement agencies and companies from the IT security industry can result in great results. After discovering that Belgian citizens fell victim to the Cryakl ransomware, the Belgian federal unit to combat computer crime managed to locate a cybercriminal server in one of the neighboring countries of Belgium. Under the direction of the federal prosecutor's office, the Belgian authorities intercepted both this and other servers, while investigating analysts worked on obtaining decryption keys. Kaspersky Lab supported the Belgian public prosecutor's office with expert technical knowledge and added new decryption keys on behalf of the Belgian federal police to the No More Ransom service. Thanks to this, victims will be able to regain access to their encrypted files without having to pay ransom to criminals. The Belgian authorities are continuing their investigation.

Our traditional advice in the case of ransomware attacks is: do not pay a ransom. Many cyber security experts make efforts around the world to help victims by creating new, previously non-existent data unlocking tools.

Free decryption keys for victims of Cryakl ransomware can be seen as proof of this strategy and another reminder that there is always a chance to defeat criminals - said Jornt van der Wiel, a researcher. Cybersecurity, Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), Kaspersky Lab.

52 available decryption tools

Since launching the No More Ransom service in July 2016, nearly 1.6 million people from over 180 countries have gained access to this website.

At No More Ransom you can now find 52 free decryption tools with which you can recover data blocked by 84 families of ransomware. Over 35,000 people have been able to recover their files for free, and the criminals have lost over 10 million euros of potential profits.

The number of partners associated with the No More Ransom initiative grew to over 120. Among them were over 75 companies from the Internet security industry, law enforcement agencies from many countries and private partners. More information and tips on how to prevent ransomware attacks can be found on the NoMoreRansom project website .

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