A new device from the Check Point with accurate protection of critical infrastructure

Company Check Point ® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), the largest global provider of Internet security solutions, today announced the extension of the offer of its industrial control systems (ICS) with a new gateway security 1200R, which improves the detailed traffic control SCADA networks and detecting and preventing risks in these networks. Today's modern conveniences such as electricity, transport and sewerage systems are controlled by ICS. An attack on these networks, both physical and virtual, it can potentially cut the whole region and even the country from current and interfere with critical systems and production lines.

According to Gartner's "Continuous incidents of cybersecurity for critical industrial infrastructures will cause ecological disasters, which will absorb 10 billion dollars, a huge number of victims and will result in the introduction of new, global legal standards to the year 2019". In the year 2014, the ICS-CERT were invited to 245 reported attacks against industrial control systems in industries such as manufacturing, energy, industry and transport. More than half of these incidents was related to APT attacks (. Advanced Persistent Threats – advanced, continuous threats). Industrial control systems are usually deprived of adequate protection and very prone to burglary. These structures are exposed through the outdated software and operating systems, which are usually subject to regular updates. If you even are upgraded, the time between successive updates causes long periods lasting even years during which the systems remain open to attack.

"Protecting the ICS systems should not be underestimated. At a time when cyber criminals will gain access to the system, the damage becomes irreversible. The effects of such intrusions will be devastating – and is not a question of whether, but when this happens. Company Check Point focuses on active protection ICS systems to prevent such catastrophic consequences, events, "said Dorit Dor, Vice President of products, Check Point Software Technologies. "The device is a new security gate 1200R optimized for use in the toughest industrial environments and inaccessible places. It was founded to support ICS Systems/SCADA and provide by us unmatched protection for your most valuable infrastructure in the country. "

Check Point 1200R is a new designed for harsh security gateway that can be used in places such as factories and power plants, electric substations, distant. existing security gateways offer complements the 1200R, which allow full visibility and granular control of network traffic SCADA, to prevent attacks on your network, devices, and logical processes. With more than 500 commands SCADA and parameters of the firewall, Check Point, the system Application Control Software Blades and over 200 signatures IPS providers available only for SCADA systems, Check Point offers the most accurate SCADA protection. Specialised reports threats available in Next Generation SmartEvent offer detailed insight into the SCADA network traffic to ensure quick and detailed data needed for testing security incidents. The entire security solution also has a system that validates the configuration Check Point Compliance Blade.

Check Point also provides complete protection plan IT-OT, to protect the whole area of the company, bridge IT-OT, workstations for operators and SCADA devices to ensure the best protection systems ICS.

"Check Point offers protection for a wide range of devices with the ability to their secure connection despite their great distance or hard to an accessible location. We are very pleased that the Check Point has taken the initiative to his SCADA solution ensure the security of critical infrastructure in the country. The introduction of a new 1200R is a great example of, "says Shawn Kearley, Manager, infrastructure in Newfoundland Power.

The main features of the unit Check Point 1200R include:

  • A fully equipped safety gate Check Point with 2Gbps firewall throughput and GbE ports 6
  • The widest available range of supported protocols ICS/SCADA, inter alia: Modbus, DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104,, ICCP, OPC, BACnet, Profinet, Siemens Step7 and a variety of other
  • Compact size, the lack of fan and moving parts and extreme operating temperature range from-40 ° c to 75 ° c
  • Compliance with the most stringent standards: IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 and IEC 60068-2

Device 1200R Check Point is available from stock with partners around the world:

Source: Check Point

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