New feature from WatchGuard: DNS security for Total Security Suite

WatchGuard after taking over Percipient Networks (creators of affordable and automated security solutions for small and medium enterprises) integrated with WatchGuard UTM / NGFW devices technology used in Percipient Networks flagship products, extending its own set of Total Security Suite (TSS) functionalities by adding a DNS layer, which protects end users against phishing attacks.

Network protection at the level of outgoing DNS requests was previously available only for beta-testers . Now, as protection for end users, it enriches the Total Security Suite.

WatchGuard Total Security

WatchGuard: DNS level security

Phishing is one of the biggest threats facing small and medium companies today. There is a need for a solution that protects end users against these attacks, but also educates people when and where they make mistakes. WatchGuard DNS Watch detects malicious DNS requests and blocks access to these pages, redirecting the user to a secure site that informs him about phishing threats and warning signs. All this allows you to create good habits when it comes to the risk of clicking on phishing content and to appreciate the value of multi-component authentication.

WatchGuard - Watch DNS

Key features of this solution are:

  • DNS level detection, providing an additional layer of security to block malicious DNS requests.
  • Automatic protection of end users against phishing attacks.
  • Immediate phishing education to raise end-user awareness after an attack.
  • It provides detailed information about the attacker, the type of attack and attacking targets, without the need to check the logs.
  • 100% cloud-based, which facilitates implementation and management, saving time and money.
  • It complements RED (Reputation Enabled Defense) and WebBlocker, blocking malicious threats.

The DNS Watch DNS service increases the range of the IT team without any additional work. Just enable DNS Watch and automatically start using additional protection against phishing. Threats are blocked, education is strengthened and attacks are analyzed without the need to employ additional personnel.

WatchGuard DNS Watch monitors outgoing DNS requests, correlating them with a cumulative list of malicious websites. Requests found malicious are blocked, redirect the user to a secure site to reinforce phishing training.

More information about DNS can be found on the manufacturer's website .

The Distributor of exclusive WatchGuard products in Poland is Bakotech.

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