A new Fortinet firewall for VMware vSphere and VMware NSX based platforms

FORTINET - provider of advanced network security solutions - announced that it has joined the group of VMware NSX ™ partners and the availability of dedicated FortiGate-VMX firewalls. The devices are to provide customers with greater security in flexible, software-controlled data centers (SDDC), based on VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX virtualization platforms.

Enterprises are more and more willing to switch to virtual infrastructure and cloud computing environments, which forces a change in the way security is applied in data centers. With the new FortiGate-VMX solution, customers using the VMware vSphere and VMware NSX platforms will be able to automate network protection through centralized management of physical and virtual environments.

A software-controlled data center is in principle a highly automated and easy-to-manage platform that ensures the security of all applications and their quick and easy implementation in data centers, cloud computing environments and mobile devices. FORTINET and VMware are able to implement this vision, ensuring the highest level of security of virtualized environments - said Mary Yang, vice president of development for FORTINET .

In many data centers, hardware security is implemented in the aggregation layer, which means that they can only observe vertical movement ("from north to south") in the physical network. In addition, horizontal traffic between virtual machines (ie "east-west") does not leave the virtual switch in the virtual host, and network virtualization architectures and program-controlled architectures further increase traffic in the virtual network.

FortiGate-VMX solves these problems thanks to compatibility with VMware virtualization solutions for programmable data centers. In addition, it offers the integration of APIs that provide customers with greater visibility and control of traffic in a virtual network, regardless of its topology. In addition, integration with the VMware platform provides automatic protection of new loads. The most important capabilities of the FortiGate-VMX solution:

  • Compatibility with the VMware vSphere platform and the vCloud Suite® package;
  • Future compatibility with the VMware NSX solution;
  • Centralized management of FortiGate-VMX security devices;
  • Visibility of all traffic in the virtual network supported by the vSphere platform;
  • Automatic and flexible deployment and provisioning of the FortiGate-VMX solution for new ESXi hosts;
  • Immediate protection of working virtual machines;
  • The ability to migrate "live" thanks to the vMotion® solution;
  • Object-based security rules that secure virtual machines in the event of changes to IP addresses or MAC addresses.

Specially designed virtual security devices will be increasingly used in combination with physical devices to provide corporate security for data centers. These centers are becoming more and more dynamic due to the increasingly widespread use of program-controlled networks and server virtualization. Fortinet is doing very well in the segment of solutions for corporate data centers. The company constantly gains new customers and offers a very competitive price-performance ratio. This success further strengthens the integration of virtual devices with the VMware virtualization platform and a software-controlled data center, " said Jeff Wilson, chief security analyst at Infonetics .

source: Fortinet

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