New GateDefender UTM devices from the e250 and e500 series from Panda Software

Panda Software - a Spanish producer of antivirus software in the cloud known for such solutions as Panda Systems Management , or even Panda Cloud Office Protection has released new GateDefender UTM devices from the e250 and e500 series, which displace older models e9100lite and e9100.

The new GateDefender e250 and e500 devices are characterized by increased efficiency compared to their predecessors. 100-gigabit Gigabit ports have also been replaced and:

  • For Gatedefender e250, the firewall's bandwidth has been increased from 800 Mbit / s to 5.1 Gbit / and the IPS bandwidth from 95 Mbit / s to 590 Mbit / s
  • In the Gatedefender e500 model, the firewall's throughput has been increased from 1474 Mbit / s to 10 Gbit / s and the IPS bandwidth has been increased from 121 Mbit / s to 600 Mbit / s.

GateDefender devices provide advanced protection, which consists of: packet scanner, application firewall, VPN, antispam, web and e-mail scanner and an efficient hotspot module.

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