The new generation of Kaspersky Private Security Network: an effective threat analysis without sending data outside the company's network

Kaspersky Lab launches a new generation of Kaspersky Private Security Network , a private version of the Kaspersky Security Network cloud. The solution allows enterprises to accelerate the detection of cybercriminals through real-time access to global threat data from 80 million sensors without sharing data outside the corporate network. The new version of Kaspersky Private Security Network offers additional personalization capabilities, meeting the requirements of corporate clients. The solution allows companies to improve their threat analysis by adding personalized lists of URLs and file reputation to Kaspersky Private Security Network - including internal sources and independent vendors.

The scheme of the Laspersky Provate Security Network.

Detection of malicious activities using a personalized security analysis

Scalability and flexibility are the critical requirements of modern enterprise IT security strategies. By offering scalability for networks with up to 500,000 nodes, the new generation of Kaspersky Private Security Network prioritizes personalization of threat analysis. The new functionality allows companies to add data defined by the client to the network of Kaspersky Private Security Network, including the file reputation determined by means of checksums (SHA256 or MD5) and the reputation of website addresses (URLs). Special interfaces for external threat analysis sources allow teams responsible for cybersecurity to provide file reputation and URL information directly to the Kaspersky Private Security Network without intermediate steps.

The latest generation of Kaspersky Private Security Network has also been improved in terms of management and ease of use. The one-way gateway protocol for the recently-supported CentOs operating system enables companies that operate without internet access to collect analytical data on real-time threats via the KPSN gateway so that no single byte of data can get out of the corporate network. The solution also offers a new web interface, thanks to which the management of threat analysis is better organized and more intuitive.

The ability to stop the attack sequence as part of advanced threats at the earliest possible stage is important for government organizations and enterprises in specific industries. However, these organizations often can not take full advantage of cloud-based threat analysis due to security policies and restrictions that are becoming even more tight with increasing pressure on government regulation. To ensure compliance of security policies with business priorities, we have introduced a patented solution that allows access to analytical data on threats to all companies, including those with strict compliance requirements. The new generation of Kaspersky Private Security Network helps maintain confidential corporate data within the network, while providing the benefits of an industry- proven, cloud-based threat analyst to help companies overtake today's threats - said Alessio Aceti, head of department responsible for corporate solutions, Kaspersky Lab.

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