New monitoring and proactive protection functions in Axence nVision 9.2

Axence - producer of software for monitoring and IT management - has released version 9.2 of the Axence nVision program, which expanded, among others, safety functions. Apart from blocking launched applications and monitoring of start commands, monitoring of the Windows task scheduler (in the Inventory module) and Windows services (in the Network module) appeared together with the possibility to configure alerts about changes in entries in both lists in the new version of nVision.

The new features of Axence nVision help pre-warn administrators against Trojan horses, worms that masquerade as system services, and script-downloaders. Running potentially malicious .JS scripts , as well as .HTA files (thus celebrating McAfee Email Gateway protection ) through secure and trusted system processes, result in almost 100% of cases of workstation infection. Execution of such extension types (often found as malware-attachments in e-mail messages) can be blocked when wscript.exe and cscript.exe files are simply added in the profile settings of the nVision Agent application, i.e. the Console Based Script Host, which by default appear in every Windows system.

The improvement in the context of protection is also monitoring and alerting about new entries in the start commands, which should be the default for no apparent reason. Otherwise, if it is not due to the installed application, it will be a clear signal to the administrator about a potential security problem.

Also new in the latest version of Axence nVision is the ability to visualize connections with switches with information about port numbers to which network devices are connected. In addition, the HelpDesk module was expanded. Significant modifications have been made, among others notification system, the possibility of tying various applications together has also been added.

A full list of changes can be found at

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