A new offer of security products from VT Cyber ​​for large companies in Poland

The hacker attack can be carried out by practically anyone. You do not need to have programming knowledge - now you can simply rent a cybercriminal. A small amount is enough to get a loaded weapon. How to protect yourself against a new type of threats? The answer to this question was prepared by the VT Cyber distributor, which offers its customers uncompromising protection against attacks.

$ 300 million - the largest operator in the world of container shipping, the Danish company Maersk, lost so much money by the Petya virus attack. For the same reason, the Ukrainian institutions were practically paralyzed. Thousands of such attacks take place every day. Only between 2015 and 2016 their number increased by approx. 300 percent. (data from the European Commission). Threats are not only more, they are also more and more advanced, and therefore more dangerous to detect and neutralize. The approach of the Polish company increases the effectiveness and efficiency of cyber-defense departments, thanks to which it is possible to respond faster and more effectively to incidents of cyber security breaches.

If even international giants are not able to cope with hackers, can Polish companies protect themselves against cyber attacks? Yes, but it requires a change in the way of thinking about threats.

Cyberspace is comfortable and it can put you to sleep. Security from many sides is needed. We tested various solutions and came to the conclusion that none of them gives comprehensive protection. Large data leaks do not happen by chance and are often preceded by activity that can be detected by analyzing users' behavior. VT Cyber ​​uses technology based on a combination of behavioral analysis and machine learning to detect unknown malware. However, the final decision belongs to man.

The management boards of companies attach more and more importance to cyber defense against attacks on industrial infrastructure, as well as the requirements of the EU regulation on personal data protection (RODO). And rightly so, because the threat is real and can expose the entire company to huge losses. This applies to both large corporations and small businesses. Hackers are still one step ahead of cyber security specialists. Is there a chance to change this situation? - says Paweł Franka, president of VT Cyber.

VT Cyber ​​can protect enterprises and institutions from such threats. Thanks to a flexible approach, it can do it more effectively than other cyber security companies.

AVI Networks gives the possibility to adjust application services to dynamically changing environment, regardless of the infrastructure owned by the client.

The Cyberbit portfolio includes unique detection and response tools for end devices (EDR) as well as security and continuity of the SCADA network. The beneficiaries of Cyberbit technology are military institutions as well as government agencies.

The distributor's portfolio mainly includes comprehensive cyber-security IT / OT (SCADA) solutions for end users as well as a wide range of IT outsourcing services. The area of ​​competence is also an audit of ICT environments, consultancy in the selection of optimal technology, implementation of the solution and 24/7 service support. The first producers with whom cooperation was initiated are: Cyberbit, Natek Technologies, Boldon James, AVI Networks and Waterfall.

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