New Panda Mobile Security 2015 for companies and consumers

The Spanish security software manufacturer has announced the release of a new, improved version of the Panda Mobile Security 2015 programs to protect Android-powered smartphones. This solution is targeted at enterprises and private consumers.

The new Panda Mobile Security 2015 allows users to locate stolen devices (geolocation) and protect private information. One of the new introduced functionalities is Costs money, which warns the user against downloading applications with a potential higher risk of payment - eg premium sms.

In addition, the new version of the mobile Panda protects the device against malware attacks, which were written to hinder access to the system (eg Ransomware), and when the device is turned off or in sleep mode, Panda Mobile Security will stop applications from taking pictures and stealing saved data.

A new feature is also the anti-theft system, which will take a picture of the person if he gives an incorrect unlock code and sends it to the configured email address and saves the location.

Panda Mobile Security is available in 16 languages. Over the next few months, the solution will be equipped with an alarm based on the motion sensor.

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