A new program from Comodo - Comodo Cloud AV

The American producer of Comodo anti-virus software is a positive surprise for us this month. At the beginning of September, we wrote about the mysterious new Comodo Internet Secrurity 9 BETA application , which only appeared for a few hours, after which its installer was removed from the producer's servers. However, we were fast enough that we were able to download the installation version, thanks to which we could write a few words about the next version of the antivirus from Comodo.

Yesterday, another interesting entry appeared on the Comodo social networking profile on Facebook, which shows that the producer is preparing a big revolution. The Comodo anti-virus in the cloud - Comodo Cloud AV is coming fast.

Until now, both Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Antivirus with cloud have had little in common, of course apart from sending unknown files to the analysis - if this option was selected in the configuration.

In this case, work on the Comodo Cloud AV application is underway. This version, as the manufacturer explains, or rather its installer will weigh slightly over 3MB (exactly 3,321,856 bytes) and it has to completely draw a full handful from the cloud. The size of the anti-virus folder after installation will weigh a little over 7MB.

Could we be preparing another full-fledged antivirus program in the cloud like Webroot and Panda?

What else do we know about Comodo Cloud AV?

The program installer is not yet available. The producer sent only one screen from the application, which closely resembles the previous one, about which we wrote in September - Comodo Internet Security 9 BETA .

Comodo Internet Security 9 BETA = Comodo Cloud AV?

It is suggested by the installer, which in the case of Comodo Internet Security 9 BETA weighs only 5 MB, also the appearance of the graphic interface itself is confusingly similar. It is possible that Comodo Cloud AV and Comodo Internet Security 9 BETA are the same application.

According to the producer, in Comodo Cloud AV all protection components are to be transferred to the cloud, where exactly on the manufacturer's servers all the burden of scanning and analyzing files will take place. HIPS and an automatic sandbox will also work in the cloud, moreover, when the computer will not have access to the network, so unknown files will not be able to be verified, as they will be launched by default in the safe sandbox environment. A solution that's quite well thought out.

What is your opinion on this subject? Is Comodo preparing two separate applications? Or is it simply an unfortunate coincidence?

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