A new service from F-Secure for companies guarding cybersecurity is Rapid Detection & Response

There is a shortage of specialists on the cyber security market, and small and medium-sized enterprises are not able to incur high costs of employing employees dealing only with IT security. To enable them effective protection, F-Secure introduces the Rapid Detection & Response service, which combines the experience and knowledge of experts dealing with threat analysis with the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

As F-Secure's research shows, targeted attacks already account for more than half of the security incidents detected in enterprises. In many cases, the reaction takes place even a year after the security breach , which exposes companies to data theft, phishing and other types of threats.

An additional motivation in the detection of incidents in companies is not only the desire to avoid the mere leak of data, but also related to the image crisis or legal consequences resulting from regulations such as the GDP.

Rapid Detection & Response: Rapid detection and response

Rapid Detection & Response combines endpoint protection with advanced threat analysis that is possible thanks to artificial intelligence developed, managed and constantly developed by F-Secure. Each anomaly is additionally tested to filter out false alarms, and detected threats are reported to the company or its service provider, along with detailed instructions on how to respond. The Rapid Detection & Response service is administered by authorized F-Secure distribution partners or directly by the company's IT department. The range of activities offered includes, among others providing detailed information about the attack and instructions, automatic implementation of appropriate actions to counter attack, and in complicated cases, also additional help from a local partner, trained and certified by F-Secure experts.

F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

This analysis system, called the Broad Context Detection ™, allows not only to detect potential threats, but also to indicate susceptible resources and assess the level of risk. Thus, it provides direct information about the security level of individual IT systems of the company and provides better protection of its data.

This approach to detecting threats stems from F-Secure's experience in providing MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services that protect large enterprises from targeted attacks.

Advanced cyber attacks often overcome the first line of defense in the form of standard security. Then the priority is to quickly detect the incident within a few to several minutes and the appropriate response. Rapid Detection & Response system uses artificial intelligence algorithms, however it would be a mistake to assume that there is a magical black box that will automatically identify all attempts to attack. Our solution works on the basis of a combination of artificial intelligence, processing billions of events per day and analysts who constantly improve detection systems based on typical cybercriminals' behavior. The combination of these two elements allows companies to provide effective protection

- comments Leszek Tasiemski, vice president of research and development at F-Secure.

More information about Rapid Detection & Response can be found on the manufacturer's website with a booklet, e-book and video describing the F-Secure solution.

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