New service in FortiGate for mobile devices - FortiGuard Mobile Security

Fortinet , the world leader in the production of high-performance cyber security solutions, introduces the FortiGuard Mobile Security service. It provides application control and protection of mobile devices against malware 24 hours a day. The service is available for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android as part of the subscription.

How do FortiGuard services work?

Fortiet Fortiet subscription services provide comprehensive protection against content and network threats. The threat signature updates are developed by the Fortinet global threat research team and then delivered in real-time to FortiGate devices. FortiGuard services make it easier to secure multiple layers of the network and provide protection against zero-day attacks.

The new FortiGuard Mobile Security service can be deployed with integrated FortiGate security devices . The service can be tailored to the needs of a specific company or purchased as part of a comprehensive Full Coverage Enterprise Protection package. The package also includes all the services currently available in the FortiGuard UTM package, including:

  • intrusion prevention system,
  • application control,
  • filtering WWW traffic,
  • protection against spam
  • based on cloud computing, advanced threat protection (Advanced Threat Protection, ATP).

Fortinet is one of the few network security providers that ensure the visibility of mobile devices and traffic throughout the enterprise network, including the core of the network, the data center, cloud and WAN, LAN and WLAN networks. The IT industry is constantly evolving, and WLAN has become the preferred access mechanism by enterprises because it enables flexible and economical deployment. Naturally, mobile devices connect more often to a WLAN network than with a LAN Ethernet, which provides greater scalability and enables security services to enforce rules for mobile devices.

Industry reports predict that wireless access will eventually dethrone wired access in enterprise networks, which will make the control of traffic generated by mobile devices as important as the control of traditional network traffic.

Thanks to trends such as BYOD, IT infrastructure is constantly evolving. This increases the flexibility of enterprises, but at the same time creates new vulnerability points. Our new service that provides mobile application control and anti-malware protection is integrated into the network, especially with WLAN. It provides companies around the world with the visibility and control of mobile devices they need to protect their corporate resources, especially in BYOD environments where employees use private devices for business purposes, "said John Maddison, vice president of Fortinet.

source: Fortinet

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