The new Stormshield SNi40 dedicated to the protection of industrial networks

Stormshield, a manufacturer of Next Generation Firewall and UTM hardware solutions intended for complete protection of corporate networks, has expanded its portfolio with the Stormshield SNi40 device, which is dedicated to the protection of industrial networks. What distinguishes the SNi40 is the compact size, the possibility of mounting on a DIN rail and the adaptation to work in places such as with high pollination.

Industrial networks, like all corporate networks, are vulnerable to attacks. In industry, the issue of applying appropriate safeguards is all the more important because the effects of an attack, in the form of a breakdown or stoppage of production usually mean extremely costly losses for the company, and sometimes even for the economy of the region or the country. This is known to Stormshield, a European manufacturer of proven and valued Next Generation Firewall and UTM equipment in Poland, which has just expanded its offer by adding the SNi40 device prepared to work in difficult conditions.

The new Stormshield SNi40 dedicated to the protection of industrial networks

The new solution dedicated to industrial networks is perfectly adapted to work in extremely high and low temperatures, resistant to unexpected vibrations and strong dust. Thanks to fastenings on a DIN rail, the Next Generation Firewall and UTM devices can be installed even in hard-to-reach places. Importantly, the SNi40 solution deals in rooms exposed to electromagnetic interference, often occurring during operation of industrial equipment. In the case of an unexpected power outage, and thus the lack of power supply on the device, the hardware bypass function will allow for continuous transmission of traffic sent between the network interfaces of the device, without disturbing the work.

The device can protect industrial protocols:

  • Modbus,
  • S7
  • OPC UA,
  • EtherNet / IP
  • IEC 60870-5-104,
  • BACnet / IP.

The full technical specification of the product can be found on the distributor's website .

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