New in Update 2018.7 for Emsisoft Internet Security

Emsisoft has updated the Emsisoft Internet Security antivirus program to version "2018.7". The protection settings have changed by default.

Until now, the following real-time scanning modes were available:

  • Fast
  • sustainable
  • thorough

The update introduced sets the default scan as "quick" instead of "balanced". The difference between them is that in quick mode applications or files are scanned only during startup. This is the best mode for maintaining full performance. However, let's not go mad. Emsisoft Internet Security is not "heavy" software at all. The "balanced" setting scans all files when they are run or modified, and is the mode most commonly used in all common anti-virus programs.

Emsisoft Internet Security

But wait a minute. Is anything wrong with Emsisoft? Some time ago they gave up the firewall, because they decided that the built-in firewall in Windows 10 is sufficient (we have quite a different opinion). Now they give up scanning of downloaded or moved files from partitions to a partition or disk to disk because they claim that Windows 10 protects you against malware. Will removing the real-time scan of the files to which the user accesses have a positive effect on security? Is Emsisoft heading in the right direction?

The step made by Emsisoft is based on the " IOfficeAntivirus " standard (since Windows XP) and " Antimalware Scan Interface ", which is available in Windows 10. Simply put, Microsoft has made all developers available an interface through which they can "entrust" scanning files and memory or streams, including check the reputation of the URL / IP address of antivirus programs, including an antivirus built into the operating system.

Antimalware Scan Interface

In practice, this means that Emsisoft will not scan the downloaded file from the Internet, but the browser will do it using Emsisoft technology made available as part of the Antimalware Scan Interface. This is a good step to increase efficiency. But it has negative consequences in the case when on the default settings when moving files from a network location, or a USB drive to another place, that file will not be scanned when you try to access, and only when you try to run. The Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network cloud scanner will verify the security of such a file. If nothing dangerous is found, the file will be launched. Next, a behavioral scanner will be activated, which in the Anti-Virus Emsisoft Internet Security has been tested three times in the test against the threats of ransomware, bashware and cryptocurrency excavators.

The full text of the modification can be found on this page . And so the CEO of Emsisoft comments on the changes:

What we changed in 2018.7 is that we have an on-the-go scanner. Microsoft created specific interfaces called IOfficeAntivirus and AMSI that are used to bridge modern browsers, script interpreters, and do not contain any malware.

With that being the new standard, we are looking forward to the very first and third edition of the on-the-go application.

You can still switch back to the middle option, but we recommend the first "Default" option for the best detection and performance.

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