The new version of Dr.Web Anti-Virus for Linux 11 brings many changes for the better

The Russian antivirus company Doctor Web has released the eleventh version of the "Dr.Web for Linux" antivirus program. The product includes a number of new features that increase security, speed of scanning and simplify the work of administrators allowing for better control.

In the latest version 11, administrators can scan the operating system remotely by issuing the command over the SSH protocol. This feature is useful when you have problems installing the anti-virus. Another new feature is the ability to define exceptions for the functionality of SpIDer Gate, which was designed to scan and control traffic on visited websites under the HTTP protocol and supervise access to them at certain times. Administrators can finally exclude websites for scanning. It is noteworthy that, as in the case of Dr.Web 11.0 for OS X, a scan was added for the encrypted HTTPS connection.

Other features that should please the people responsible for managing security are the integration of Dr.Web LinkChecker with the Mozilla Firefox browser. This module is an integral part of Doctor Web antivirus, but also a free browser add-on that is responsible for scanning websites before visiting them for harmful content or phishing.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus for Linux 11 programs can be updated only by reinstalling.

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