The new version of Sophos Mobile 8 as a UEM class solution

Sophos announced the launch of the latest version of the security software for Sophos Mobile 8 mobile devices . The Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) product offers a number of new features that enable efficient management of terminal devices. It is worth mentioning at least the MacOS configuration, management of Windows 10 applications and extensive supervision capabilities over Android and OS systems.

Today, mobile devices are the most vulnerable of malicious software - says Grzegroz Nocoń, Engineer Sophos. It is the lubricants, tablets and devices from the broadly defined Internet of Things that constitute the most serious threat to the IT security of companies, regardless of their size. The main problem is the lack of efficient management and premature detection of threats. The solution to these problems is centralization, or efficient control using a single management platform. As a result, corporate networks remain secure and budgets optimized.

Sophos Mobile 8 also provides solutions to protect against malware. The number of attacks targeting mobile devices is constantly growing. In 2017, the SophosLabs lab processed over 10 million samples from Android (up to 8.5 million in 2016) sent by customers for analysis. Nearly 3.5 million of them were considered potentially suspicious or malicious applications, and 77 percent. of them were malicious software. Recently, Sophos specialists have found that attackers are increasingly using applications from Google Play, where they hide malicious functions such as the extraction of krypocumentut and unwanted advertising.

Sophos Mobile 8 is now available in the Sophos Central cloud as well as on the client's platform. Detailed changes are described by the manufacturer on this page .

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