New versions of ESET solutions for companies

The ESET company, a manufacturer of security solutions for computers and mobile devices popular on the Polish market, has released the latest editions of its products for companies. The core of the latest business versions of ESET's programs is the new ESET Remote Administrator web management console with the server, now operating not only on the Windows Server platform, but also on Linux systems. Also new are the independent console agents installed on workstations, which independently accomplish planned tasks and ensure compliance with established security policies - even without an active connection to the management console.

Among new business ESET solutions, there is an antivirus program (ESET Endpoint Antivirus) security package (ESET Endpoint Security) for workstations with Windows and OS X systems, security package for Android mobile devices (ESET Endpoint Security for Android) and security for file servers Windows (ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server). The new technologies present in the latest ESET products include advanced memory scanner - identifying even the most complex threats, as well as blocking exploit programs - protecting against threats that exploit vulnerabilities in applications.

The core of all new solutions is the new ESET Remote Administrator management console, which can be run on Windows Server and Linux systems. Access to the console is possible from any web browser. As the producer underlines, ESET Remote Administrator was built almost from scratch, taking into account the suggestions and opinions of corporate network administrators from around the world, including Poland. As a result, a powerful administrative tool was created that allows you to manage the protection of corporate networks of all sizes.

- The latest versions of ESET solutions for companies, including the new management console, were created almost from scratch, all in order to meet the expectations of even the most extensive and demanding corporate networks - says Grzegorz Klocek, product manager of ESET solutions in Poland.

The console is complemented by independent agents installed on workstations that store the security policy for a given machine. These agents, even without connection to the management console, perform the task planning, and in the event of a specific type of incident, they react to the manner specified by the administrator. The whole is supplemented by extensive reporting - ESET Remote Administrator provides detailed information on the security status of the company network, protected stations and detected alarms.

The new ESET solutions work extremely fast due to the rebuilt scanning engine that uses the ESET Live Grid cloud reputation system. Thanks to this, the files once checked by ESET solutions are compared to the pattern saved in the cloud for subsequent scans. If the pattern and the file being checked are identical, the program instantly recognizes whether the file is known and does not have to be scanned, or whether the file has not been checked before and needs to be checked. ESET Shared Local Cache technology works in a similar way in new ESET solutions, which speeds up scanning in virtual environments and NAS resources - once checked by ESET files, they do not have to be checked again by other company machines protected by ESET solutions. All this means that the new ESET products for companies maintain the lightness of operation known for years, i.e. their operation remains unnoticeable to users and the performance of protected IT infrastructure.

New ESET solutions offer, among others:

  • a new web management console with additional functionalities,
  • independent agents of the management console installed on workstations,
  • ESET Remote Administrator Server - now also operating on Linux systems,
  • server-proxy architecture, increasing network flexibility,
  • static and parametric groups,
  • automatic removal and replacement of previous security software with ESET solutions,
  • support for virtual environments thanks to ESET Shared Local Cache,
  • new features in workstation protection products, including blocking exploit programs, protection against botnets or an advanced memory scanner.

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