The new VirusTotal Monitor service for programmers and application developers

False positive (false positive) problems sooner or later affect everyone - from small software developers for Android to large developers of complex applications for mobile devices and desktop systems. False detection alerts caused by anti-viruses may adversely affect security technology providers and developers. There are three pages lost, because there are still users of these applications in the supply chain, but the solution to this problem may be VirusTotal Monitor.


The new VirusTotal Monitor service will alert the developer of a change in the security status of files that make up the software. For example, if an Android program saved to an APK file is marked as dangerous by one of over seventy antivirus engines, the two sides will learn about it - an antivirus producer and application developer. Instantly responding to a false alarm is a key issue. Waiting for negative notification from users is asking for trouble and losing customers.

VirusTotal Monitor

VirusTotal Monitor allows software developers to transfer program files to disk in the VirusTotal cloud. The files located there will be scanned daily by all available anti-virus engines.

VirusTotal indicates that no data will be shared with a third party. We believe that the company purchased by Google is guided by good intentions, but it is better not to place the source code there. Only after detection of the threat will the file be made available to the anti-virus manufacturer. Both the manufacturer and the application developer will be notified - both parties will have access to information about the file's metadata to significantly speed up the re-analysis. The entire process will be carried out automatically.

VirusTotal Monitor

VirusTotal Monitor will benefit from:

  • Antivirus producers, because they will gain access to more data about potentially harmful files, but also about detailed and automatic information about the file's metadata, which had to be tested in the individual scope of each producer.
  • For developers, this is even better because they will not have to contact each manufacturer separately. Everything from the panel will be carried out automatically.
  • VirusTotal, which will gain new customers.

VirusTotal Monitor

VirusTotal Monitor will not be for free. We have sent a query regarding this matter and we are waiting for a reply.

Technical details can be found in the documentation , and more information about the VirusTotal Monitor service is available here .

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