anty-DDoS Corero

Bakotech is a distributor of Corero anti-DDoS devices

Bitdefender Netgear Armor

Bitdefender secures Netgear routers

Przetarg Policji

Police tender for breaking passwords and security of Office 2007/2010/2013


Does the government really want to censor the last bastion of freedom?


Kaspersky Lab wins in court for defamation

VirusTotal Monitor

The new VirusTotal Monitor service for programmers and application developers

Fortinet i Interpol

Fortinet signed a cooperation agreement with Interpol

ESET dołącza do Cyber Tech Accord

ESET, along with Microsoft, Dell and Facebook, will fight for the safety of Internet users

Rosja może zdelegalizować VPN

Russia is preparing another law restricting freedom on the Internet

Unia a Kaspersky Lab

Anna Fotyga warns against Kaspersky Lab and we warn against incompetence of this lady and ACTA II