NK.pl badly anonymizes users, millions of accounts are publicly available

The Nasza Klasa social networking site (now known as NK.pl) was founded in 2006. After a few years of existence, it exceeded the popularity of even Facebook, in the best months of its activity to count several million active users. Then something happened that led to a complete fall. Currently, NK.pl is only a shadow of our former Class, but the legacy has remained - these are user accounts that are all publicly available , exposing practically every person who ever found an account there to disclose information about her.

The incident was noticed by one user of the NK.pl portal, who pointed out that the profiles of people are publicly available (in the Google search engine using the "Google hacking" method). Knowing the name of the person you are looking for, we can determine:

  • profile picture,
  • place of residence,
  • schools to which the person attended,
  • participation in groups on the NK.pl portal (and earlier Nasza Klasa),
  • discussions in which she participated in the NK.pl forum

Access to this information is possible directly through the search engine (you do not need to set up an account on the NK.pl portal):

NK Our Class

And this is information about a specific person:


The disclosure of data to search engines is related to the recent redesign of the portal. Not only the graphic layout changed, but also the internal structure of the software, which did not please everyone:

NK.pl Our Class 3

NK.pl reveals information about users

It is a pity that the Polish social networking site ended up as it finished, apparently he could not offer users what competitive portals currently offer. Although NK.pl still has its supporters, but let's admit that there are only a handful of them on a national scale, the database can contain information about millions of people.

We recommend removing potentially unused users for potentially injured people. Certainly for some users this can be problematic because the password information has long been forgotten and mailboxes are no longer used. The only effective way to delete your account is to write to Nasza Klasa sp. Z oo customer service office and ask for deleting your profile and personal data. Users who can log in can do so directly in the profile settings.

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