Norton Security wins the test conducted by SE Labs

SE Labs (formerly Dennis Technology Labs) has published the results of security tests of antivirus products for individual users. The testers, describing the methodology , paid special attention to reviving spam campaigns and malicious attachments, which are currently at the forefront of threats distributed in the Internet.

  • The test used security bypass techniques that are generally available as well as other tools that were used to create malware.
  • The survey lasted from September 26 to December 6, 2017.
  • In the FAQ we read that the test was not sponsored.
  • The products for the test were selected by SE Labs employees according to their criteria.

Results submit:

Test results: Norton Security the best

Threats were introduced to Windows systems in a realistic way, ie via websites and e-mails.

Only Norton Security has been able to detect all threats

Norton Security wins

The worst result was obtained by the 360 ​​Total Security software. In targeted attacks, it did not cope with the detection of threats that gave remote access to infected computers. Microsoft Security Essentials and Immunet Free obtained a little "better" result from Cisco.

Norton Security achieved the best results. The American security solution managed to stop all threats. In the case of 9 malware samples, Norton Security left some parts of the exploit or payload, which were removed over time, leaving the computer completely free of malicious software.

The weak result of Bitdefender Internet Security, which lost even with the free Avast Free Antivirus and the German product Avira Free Security Suite, is very surprising - the Avira product has gained the highest position among the free software.

A large number of endpoints have been obtained by other products: Kaspersky Internet Security, Trend Micro Internet Security, F-Secure SAFE and Eset Smart Security. Unfortunately, all of them failed to detect and block from several to a dozen or so virus samples. Only Norton Security software deserves the best recommendation.

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