Not a serious slip of Symantec, but disgust after a false alarm remains

Orange Polska's CERT provided information that Orange customers report strange warnings that are displayed by Symantec's mobile antivirus Norton Mobile Security. The warnings concerned an allegedly hacked home network that fell victim to a hacker. If you see the following message on your Android phones, be calm - nothing serious has happened.

Norton Mobile Security slip up

Initially, it seemed that the Norton Mobile Security antivirus worked as well as possible. Symantec security software began to detect vulnerabilities in the Livebox and Funbox routers, reporting a security problem. This is denounced by the Orange Press Office, which, in response to the editorial questions of the portal, claims that after a detailed analysis it turned out that "the source of the problem is a false alarm in the Norton Mobile Security antivirus, not a bug in network devices".

The problem with red messages is reported by many users:

Norton Mobile Security comments

Symantec in communication on the community forum gives to the information that the problem turned out to be so. false positive antivirus program. The repaired Norton Mobile Security antivirus should automatically update to version

Much antivirus alarms / traps are not unusual. On our website, we mark such and similar "blunders" with the special tag # wpadki_antywirusów.

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