Note on messages from DHL

One of the employees whose computer is under the control of Bitdefender Endpoint Security almost became a victim of an online fraud "on DHL". Fortunately, the antivirus program blocked the malicious website in time and prevented potential infection or attempts to obtain personal data.

The message in appearance did not differ from similar content. The fraudster informed his victims about the withdrawal of the package during the sorting stage and sending it back to the sender. All the more so it would seem credible if someone actually sent the package via DHL.

As can be seen in the attached screen shots, neither the sender nor the site to which the victim is directed is unrelated to DHL. The creator of spam did not even bother to disguise the address, because he did not count on anyone verifying this data. Similar campaigns do not count quality, but quantity. Even if the message hits thousands of users, there is a chance that at least one percent of them will share their data or infect the computer by following the cheater's instructions.

When reading similar messages, we recommend that you verify both the sender and links, which at first glance do not reveal to which the website is referred.

source: Bitdefender

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