Now, every router manufacturer can use F-Secure Connected Home Security technology

Devices in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) are already more than people in the world. According to the latest report by Gartner, by 2021 their number will increase by over 10 billion. To ensure the safety and privacy of users, F-Secure has introduced a solution used in the original F-Secure SENSE security device in the form of Connected Home Security software intended for routers and operators.

F-Secure SENSE is a combination of a secure Wi-Fi router with an advanced security application and a proven cloud solution. Its task is to secure devices that connect to the Internet, especially in modern homes. A detailed review and test of the F-Secure device can be found at this link .

According to a survey conducted by F-Secure (based on internet interviews involving 4,000 respondents from five countries, 800 respondents from the USA, UK, France, Germany and Brazil), almost half of the respondents resigned from buying a new smart device due to issues related to security and privacy. 46% did not decide to buy for the sake of cyber security, and 48% for fear of collecting personal data that could potentially leak out. Caution is justified because, according to Gartner, now 40% of IoT devices are used by cybercriminals in DDoS attacks or to create so-called. botnets, and if no concrete actions are taken by 2021, this percentage may exceed 75%.

According to the head of hardware security at F-Secure, Andrei Barisani, securing a smart home should start with the router:

Routers are one of the most common home devices that connect to the internet, but they are not always designed to protect users. Our hardware security team has extensive experience in testing home and office routers, and each time we manage to find a security hole, which in turn leads to the introduction of appropriate patches. Creating a smart environment based on an unprotected router is as risky as building a house on the sand.

- comments Andrei Barisani.

F-Secure Connected Home Security for network equipment manufacturers and operators

Connected Home Security technology allows you to ensure the security of the network, router, content stored in the cloud and end devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, as well as intelligent washing machines or refrigerators. The solution uses the capabilities of the proprietary F-Secure SENSE router, which encrypts communication on the Internet, preserving privacy, as well as protects against malware, phishing and secures intelligent devices against cyber attacks.

F-Secure Connected Home Security

F-Secure offers SENSE to routers and operators as a programming package (SDK) for Connected Home Security, which they can adapt to their needs and use for a large user base.

Every day, devices from the field of the Internet of Things significantly increase. We join forces with router manufacturers and operators to collectively protect users from cyber attacks - that's why we have designed a service for smart homes Connected Home Security. We provide full support in implementing the solution, while offering simplicity of use and security of all devices on the user's side.

- says Michał Iwan, regional director at F-Secure.

The Connected Home Security offer also includes other solutions that operators can tailor to the services provided, such as the Family Rules function, enabling parents to take care of the safety of children on the Internet.

The F-Secure Connected Home Security service is now available on the market .

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