The number of targeted and filleless cyber attacks is growing

According to a survey conducted by F-Secure, as many as 55% of incidents detected in enterprises are targeted attacks. Hackers are increasingly able to carry out a cyber attack, which is not able to prevent traditional solutions to secure end devices (Windows and Mac computers, smartphones or server platforms).

The Ponemon Institute predicts that in 2018 as many as 35% of all incidents will constitute so-called free file attacks . This is 6% more than last year, and in the case of this type of cyber threats, the probability of success is almost 10 times higher than in traditional file-based attacks.

According to the report of the SANS institute, 32% of organizations experienced fileless attacks implemented by methods such as theft of administrator login data. In addition, phishing and ransomware are still the main problem. According to the SANS institute, phishing experienced 72% of organizations.

Cyberzak hazards: we have more and more targeted and filleless cyber attacks

Information about large data leaks has been appearing in the media for years, but now their effects may be more severe due to the Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (RODO) implemented in the European Union. From May 25, companies must be prepared for early detection of threats and possible disclosure of a data leak within 72 hours of the incident.

Our response to new types of cyber threats is the introduction of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) based, among others, on artificial intelligence. The solution allows to detect incidents and respond to them at an early stage, and users have constant access to experts involved in risk analysis. Thanks to the combination of human and machine capabilities, medium-sized companies can benefit from corporate-class security - says Magdalena Baraniewska.

Endpoint Detection and Response services are the fastest growing area of ​​cyber security. According to Gartner's predictions, the accumulated annual growth rate (CAGR) for EDR solutions between 2015 and 2020 will amount to 45.3% - for example, the same index for the entire IT security market in this period is 7%.

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