An oversight in the Chrome mobile browser allowed to steal confidential information about the payment card

It's true that Chrome is the safest browser in the world. However, tripping is the best. That was also the case with Google's mobile browser, which did not use the FLAG_SECURE flag for version 58 of the auto-replenishment of payment cards to version 58, which potentially exposed the data entered by the user to capture by taking screenshots by another application. In other words, an attacker, if he obtained remote access to the device, eg through malware, could use this malicious application to capture this data.

"Autocompletion and payment" settings in Chrome.

FLAG_SECURE is a special flag of Android used in programming that prevents the display of the screen from the application opened in the background in another application. Researchers from Nightwatch Cybersecurity noticed during the tests that Chrome did not use this security, which gave other applications the opportunity to capture confidential information.

While exploiting the bug in practice may be a challenge for the attacker, we recommend that you update Google Chrome even if your main browser is Opera or Firefox. We can not rule out the situation when malicious software authors use vulnerability in new or already installed malware (through updating malicious modules).

Researchers add that Android Pay and Google Wallet applications use the FLAG_SECURE flag - the added payment method in these programs is robust to capture by the method described.

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