Panda Security upgrades antivirus engine-test of Panda Internet Security 2015

Developer: Panda Security
Product name: Panda Internet Security 2015
Tested version: 15.1.0
SRP price: 135 złotych / 1PC


Editor's opinion

After January's announcements relating to new five-year strategic plan, Panda Security complies with its announcement of a new Visual identity and logo programs and plan, which was to create new technology, expanding into international markets, as well as the faster pace of development work on the security of computers, the integration and unification of solutions by customers Pandas. Business customers Pandas have already received new versions of Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Plus and UTM series e250 and e500, now came time for home users.

From the last test Panda Internet Security 2015, which we conducted in the summer of 2014 year has changed little, but improvements will surely reflect an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of the program:

-improved engine XMT and thus the ability to protect against new threats
-improved the performance of the program
-added a new icon in the system tray,
-added the ability to run virtual keyboard by clicking the PPM icon in the system tray,
-added predefined rules for parental controls, but does not work ...

The tests

Real-time protection

Installed on the default settings, the program version 15.1.0 have been subjected to study, whose purpose was to examine the real effectiveness of malware protection. The test uses virus 40 different varieties, which hosted directly on Web pages. The test is divided into three phases:

1. In the first phase looked at HTTP level detection. On 40 malicious hosts who will distribute malware program Panda Internet Security has blocked 16. We do not know whether it is the inaccuracy of the program, whether the fault lies on the side of the browser, but the Panda of the blocked malicious user to white side.

2. The second phase included the checking of detection of using signatures. Of the remaining 24 files Panda has identified 16 of them before entering.

3. the third phase is when the unknown threats (PE files) are run by the user in the system. When you run the other eight files, Panda behavioral protection has identified all risks and undermined

The total efficiency of the protection in real time the latest version of Panda Internet Security is a 100%.

Test for anti-phishing

Program were also tested for detectability of phishing sites, but not older than 24 hours. The result obtained by Panda Internet Security is a 14/20 locked pages. By comparing the following table should be kept in mind that these programs were tested in different time intervals and other phishing login details, credit card numbers, social security numbers, insurance numbers, etc.

The name of the program Blocked phishing sites
Arcabit Internet Security 0/20
FM Internet Security 2015 14/20
360 Total Security 6 20/20
AVAST Free Business Security 4/20
AVG Internet Security 2015 14/20
Trustport Total Protection 2015 2/20
G Data Security Client 13 11/20
Comodo Internet Security 8 0/20
Dr.Web Security Space 10 5/20
Avast Free Antivirus and Avast Premier 2015 20/20
ESET Smart Security 8 11/20
Norton Security 22 0/20
McAfee Internet Security 2015 19/20
F-Secure Internet Security 2015 19/20
Trend Micro Internet Security 2015 19/20
BitDefender Internet Security 2015 14/20
FortiClient 5.2 18/20
AVG AntiVirus Free 2015 14/20

Panda Internet Security performance

By checking the performance of Panda Internet Security focuses only on processes that happen to program needs to act. This method allows you to separate the CPU usage and RAM application and system from the antivirus program.

Anti-virus application installed on the virtual machine Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 + SP1 with important and optional updates on day 22 April 2015 year have undergone study, which examined the consumption of resources by individual processes of Pandas.

In idle mode, during the 5-minute test results was collected every one second. On average, the program to act need 0.202% processor time and ~ 11 MB of RAM.

During the 5-minute scan processes Pandas on average consume 13.367% processor time and ~ 70 MB of RAM. From the perspective of today's computing power of computers and laptops, both the result at rest and during the scan is very good.

A summary of the

During the tests, and the same installation noted several errors in the localization. It is a pity that no one who every day speak Polish does not check the correctness of the cursive script before the release of the official version. Also announced changes to the parental controls, which have predefined rules (e.g. access to pages for child, teen, employee) are completely useless due to returned by error.

On the issue of the protection of the few can accuse Panda. Antivirus engine, using the signature in the cloud and local cache disk signature-if you're not connected to the network-guarantee a solid protection against known and unknown threats. Program due to the good protection and performance the most.
Panda Internet Security 2015 is available for purchase for a total of 135 PLN/1PC or, in the case of the duration of the current promotion for 81 PLN.

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