Phishing does not pay, an international criminal gang has fallen into the hands of law enforcement

Police officers from the Coordination Team of the Central Police Investigation Bureau, Border Guard, Municipal Police Headquarters in Krakow, Department for Combating Cybercrime of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow, together with law enforcement agencies from Italy and Spain, in cooperation with investigators from Belgium, Georgia and the United Kingdom, thanks to the support of Europol and Eurojust, they have developed an international organized crime group that deals with money laundering, including from phishing . Citizens of European countries, including Poland, most often fell victim to cybercriminals.

The cooperation of the services of 9 and 10 June ended with the success of law enforcement agencies. 49 suspects were arrested - including 18 from Poland, laptops, hard drives, phones, tablets, left credit cards, SIM cards, memory cards and fake bank account documents were seized, of which 1.8 million were secured property belonging to criminals from Poland. Golden. An international investigation showed that a total of 6 million euros was swindled.

Video from detention:…


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