Players do not care about the security of their data

According to a survey conducted by PlayFab (a company dealing with the creation of a back-end for games for telephones, computers and consoles) almost half of the surveyed players do not care about the security of their data when shopping games. At the same time, about 86% of them are worried that their data may be stolen.

Almost 60% of the respondents at purchase mainly follow the cost and review of the game, and almost 50% consider the safety of their data as one of the least important factors. It can be concluded that players want to have games even at the price of their data leak from a poorly secured online store.

83% of respondents cast responsibility for protecting personal data of players on game producers, less than 40% say that they feel confident with current security. Unfortunately, it has not been examined what percentage of players has and updates anti-virus protection and all updates patching gaps in games.

Most of the respondents believe that they put some effort into securing their data: 46% say they provide the minimum necessary protection for their data. On the other hand, 20% of players have their own way to secure their data - during the shopping process they give false data, which in the event of contact with technical assistance or complaint may not be the best idea.

Security solutions, such as consumer protection Bitdefender, uses technologies that automatically detect when users play games and customize the system so that the player can fully enjoy them. The player mode maximizes performance by allocating more system resources to the game. The games will be automatically enabled with a very high priority in the process tree, and the antivirus solution will not affect it. Bitdefender also delays time-consuming operations using system resources, such as scheduled tests, automatic product updates, system maintenance tasks, Windows updates, and more.

Most respondents had minimal experience with data breach (85% of uninformed users) - only 30% were aware of data breaches that affected the gaming industry.

Most of the players (71%) deliberately did not resign from the games, despite the known security hole in the game.

In the case of players, good security practices are also important: not using a single password to login in many online games and services. This minimizes damage in the event of password leaks. You should also pay attention to online stores with a suspiciously attractive offer - it may turn out that the site is only used to extort financial data. The best precaution, however, is to be careful, which will allow us to catch suspicious elements.

The study included 500 respondents who play video games more than four hours per week.

source: Bitdefender

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