"Police virus" has returned: Attention to blocked computers by "Poliza"

Internet criminals showed us a time machine. Apparently, they did not want to make too much effort, so they used a well-known and popular method of blocking the computer by the "police virus". With this blocking it is also not quite so, because in the variants of the "threat" described at the time, we are dealing with a website displayed in full-screen mode. In turn, early versions of the "police virus" (those from 2009 and earlier) actually blocked the computer - first the PID of the explorer.exe process was found, then the explorer.exe process was closed, and Windows windows were blocked using system functions. Some versions of the "police virus" from 2010 were able to additionally encrypt files (virus-police-ransomware).

The Law on "Careless Use of a Computer"

In addition to "warning" messages and referring to the police:

The computer is blocked!

Pan / Pani has viewed or disseminated illegal pornographic content (child pornography / zoophilia, etc.) in a way that violates article 202 ...

There is also information about the mysterious act on "negligent use of the computer" ...

Illegal access was initiated from your computer without your knowledge or consent; your computer may be infected by malware, which is why you are violating the law on negligent use of your personal computer.

police virus

Such a message is an ordinary scam aimed at scaring the internet user and extorting PLN 600. As informs about the service doznik.pl people who paid tribute through the online transaction system Paysafecard, have a chance to apply for reimbursement of financial losses by using this form , reporting an attempt to fraud and a request to block the purchased codes / PINs.

A police virus blocked your computer?

You do not have to give the device to a specialist. This version of the "police virus" launches a message in the browser in full-screen mode and sometimes disables the use of a computer mouse with JavaScript code. Just use one of the keyboard shortcuts below to close the tab or the entire browser.

  • CTRL + W closes the active tab in the browser
  • ALT + F4 closes the browser
  • The ESC exits the full screen
  • CTRL + ALT + DEL find the browser process and close

Just in case, you can also scan the operating system using specialized tools, such as:

  • Arcabit Online Scanner
  • Comodo Cleaning Essential
  • Dr.Web CureIt
  • Eset Onlin Scanner
  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit,
  • Kaspersky Removal Tool
  • mks_vir online scanner
  • Trend Micro HouseCall

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