Professional reviews

Reliable and unique tests combined with review of selected solution is our hallmark. We will help identify the biggest strengths of the solution from your company’s portfolio, run marketing campaign, publish a series of articles or promote the services that your company provides. Prepared materials will be published on the two websites: CheckLab and AVLab. Learn more about the detailed offer.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

  • Professional security tests.

Our tests are independent and take place in conditions similar to reality. In dedicated researches, we use malicious software, tools and circumvention techniques that are used in real attacks. We follow good practices in testing security products that we have developed over the years, so we stand firmly on our feet and have our own view of the industry in which we work.

  • Variety of tests.

Regardless of the solution that we are to test, we will adapt the methodology to the product to get its full picture and the effectiveness of the security.

  • CheckLab and AVLab recommendations.

CheckLab is owned by AVLab. Each test we prepare can be published on two websites. Our tests and reviews are appreciated by developers – the use of certificates in developers official materials is the best recommendation.

  • When passion and hobby turn into business.

Combining the advantages of “business and pleasure” brings great benefits to both parties. There is nothing better than cooperation with people for whom work is a passion and a way of life, not an unpleasant chore.

  • We have many years of experience.

Very good knowledge of the market and security products is our strong advantage.