Profiling of cybercriminals according to Fortinet

In the era of modern advanced cyber attacks, it is not enough to just know the resources of your network, be aware of its weaknesses and introduce appropriate safeguards. Identifying the enemy - cybercriminal is also very important. Preparing to defend against a known opponent significantly increases the chance of its effectiveness.

Specialists from the Fortinet company have prepared a special hazard classification. Although there are currently many entities that pose a danger in the digital world, most of them can be included in one of the following categories.

Sponsored by governments - criminals included in this group are well-financed and often create sophisticated, well-targeted attacks. They are usually motivated by political, economic or military reasons. They often look for information and data that can be used for intelligence purposes.

Organized criminal groups - for them the most common motivation for attacks is to achieve financial profits. They usually look for information that enables identification of clients or company employees, bank details, credit card numbers or key resources for the organization's operation.

"Hactivists" - ideologically or politically motivated criminals whose purpose is to help spread propaganda content or harm organizations that they disagree with politics. The ultimate goal of "hacktivists" is to raise awareness about them, the ideas they support, and to gain support for them.

Criminal within the organization - attacks from within the organization, which are usually faced by dissatisfied or present employees who seek, for example, revenge or financial benefits. Sometimes they can cooperate with other entities, for example with organized crime groups or hackers sponsored by governments - whether from a sense of loyalty, or for prestige or money.

Occasional - this group of criminals are usually amateurs, often referred to as script kiddies, which are directed by the desire for fame. On the other hand, sometimes they can act on a just cause, helping organizations to discover and close security gaps.

Inattentive user - in fact, the biggest problem for the organization are its employees who make mistakes within its network. These errors most often result from incorrect configuration of the network or giving access to improper persons.

Jolanta Malak, the regional sales director of Fortinet for Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, emphasizes that knowledge of the list of potential threats is not everything - you also need to identify what problems the organization is facing and the offensive from which side is the most vulnerable. Thanks to that, you can prioritize the protection activities undertaken and be prepared to effectively repel such attacks.

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