Qihoo, a manufacturer of 360 Total Security cheated in tests of anti-virus

The light of day, she saw a very interesting history. It all began on April 26, 2015, when the AV-Comparatives on your blog and fejsbukowym profile społczenościowym made a note, with which we were able to find out that one of the producers participating in the testing cheats both AV-Comparatives and all of us.

Initially, AV-Comparatives has admitted that it is a free product, but on the same day the message was deleted. The whole discussion is located here.

Well, this manufacturer is a well known Chinese Qihoo, which is responsible for the creation and development of free 360 Total Security – by some praised for efficiency and effectiveness, by other criticized for its origin,-the mill solutions and in General, for "Chinese food".

These scam consisted in the fact that the version of 360 Total Security available on the website of the manufacturer was different than the one that the manufacturer has supplied for testing, various build-y-this information has in the mystery of the Neil j. Rubenking from one of the directors of AV-Comparatives during RSA Conference Conference, which took place on 20-24 April 2015. Finally, two days later, IE. 26 April decision makers with AV-Test, AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin confirmed the joint investigation. Two days later, using the teleconference discussed the whole thing and on April 30, a public noticewhich confirms that:

-Manufacturer of Qihoo provided for testing program, which, by default, to work on the engine, Bitdefendera, while the version available on the manufacturer's default has only enabled QVM engine.

-Analysis has shown that the original engine QVM provides a lower level of protection than Bitdefender and what's more, the QVM engine generates more false positives.

-A representative of Qihoo put forth arguments that also Chinese programs Baidu and Tencent also provide different versions of programs for testing.

-Virus Buletin, AV-C and AV-Test confirms the differences in Baidu and Tencen, which point to a representative of Qihoo, but after a deeper analysis of the claim that these differences do not affect the results and are accepted.

-Virus Buletin, AV-C and AV-Test withdraw all gained certificates this year for the manufacturer Qihoo and undertake to impose on manufacturers of more restrictive rules for the provision of the programs.

The conclusions of this story are the following. Both the AV-C and AV-Test and Virus Bulletin are not without fault. We condemn the policy of supplying different versions of programs to test and those available to the end user. Translation from labów-that Baidu and Tencend provide the other versions, but their difference does not affect the results-also seems suspicious. Such practices should not be at all places.

  • Cooperation with producers? So, as much as possible.
  • Sponsored tests? SO – as the most, as far as this is exactly included in document showing the results.
  • Test different versions? No, because they are losing their customers.

Other information:

Updated May 2, 2015:

On the blog Qihoo appeared to explain the whole situation. Producer admits that the delivered version to test different from that available to users, also stresses that all this confusion around the AV-Comparatives is real, and that AV-Comparatives of all knew before-in addition, the manufacturer is not that case, testing version of 360 Total Security with the default engine Bitdefendera took place, but it also adds, that changed the default configuration has been reported and accepted before the tests by AV-Comparatives.

So we have wojenkę on your own arguments. If Qihoo is telling the truth, a team of AV-C or forgot about this fact and she remembered in the least appropriate time, or ...-no one knew this, and Qihoo lie. Anyway as an independent Polish lab przekreślamy completely program and not the nature of our recommendations, although on the whole overblown confusion, we suggest that you look at from a distance.

Update may 5, 2015:

More information coming to light, this time, AV-Test has provided readers with the results of his own investigation. In terms of program Tencent PC Manager and Tencent Mobile Security Manager-programs as well as Qihoo about Chinese roots. The manufacturer of this software has committed far worse scams-make a test version "zopytmalizowną" for performance tests and this allows the program to obtain better scores in tests for checking stability and resource consumption computer and the Android phone. One thing we know for sure-Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives and AV-Test thoroughly examine all of the tested programs.

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