Quad9 is a free DNS service for protection against malicious URLs from F-Secure

F-Secure has partnered with the international organization Global Cyber ​​Alliance to create a free Quad9 service . Its purpose is to protect individual users and businesses from URLs that contain malicious software.

The Quad9 service can be enabled in a few minutes by simply changing the configuration of the router or the network card of the computer. In the Preferred DNS field, set the address . As an alternative address you can use this from your operator, Google or OpenDNS

F-Secure laboratories are discovering nearly 30,000 URLs of malicious software on a daily basis. They are often used by hackers in phishing attacks (impersonation of a person or institution to extort login data), ransomware campaigns (data blocking and extorting ransom) and other types of cyber attacks. Quad9 acts as a protection filter and completes the "black list" of malicious sites identified by F-Secure and other partners providing information about threats. When a device or application tries to connect to a domain that appears in this list, Quad9 blocks the translation of the domain name to the address and informs the user that the site has been identified as malicious. The Quad9 service also supports the DNSSEC protocol to protect users from attacks using so-called DNS poisoning (sending false information associating name with address to DNS servers).

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