A quarter of users do not know the risks of mobile cyber threats

Mobile devices are very popular, but their owners still disregard the threats that may be associated with them. According to a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 28% of users around the world do not know or know very little about mobile malware. The cybercriminals use this ignorance.

The study shows that in Europe only 47% of smartphones and 61% of Android tablets have security software installed, while 26% of smartphones and 43% of tablets do not have any security - even in the form of a password. The risky behavior of users of such devices may stem from the fact that 27% of them are not aware of the existence of cyber threats targeting mobile devices, and 26% know about such dangers, but do not worry about this fact.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that 18% of unprotected Android smartphones contain information that is particularly sought after by attackers: PIN codes for bank cards, passwords for online banking systems and other financial data. 24% of them store passwords for social networks, private and business e-mail accounts, VPN keys and other confidential resources. Some users do not bother to set a password to protect their devices from unauthorized access, but they still store private emails on their smartphones (49%), corporate correspondence (18%) and "data that they would not like to show to anyone" ( 10%).

The survey showed that in the period of 12 months, 41% of smartphone users and 36% of tablet users encountered harmful applications, while 18% of smartphone users and 24% of tablet users fell victim to hacking their account on the online service.

"It is not surprising that mobile users are increasingly becoming the target of mobile threats: these devices can do more today and are used en masse, which is why they will attract cheaters. In order not to fall victim to fraud, users are advised to protect their devices against cyber threats and to take special care in relation to confidential data stored on them, "said Wiktor Jabłokow , head of the department responsible for the mobile products line, Kaspersky Lab.

To fill this knowledge gap, Kaspersky Lab created a movie about the evolution of mobile threats: https://youtu.be/tBsxeKqP_Gw .

More information, including data on mobile threats, various types of threats and methods of infection, can be found in the report "Enemy in Your Phone" available at the SecureList.pl service run by Kaspersky Lab: http://securelist.pl/analysis/7307, host_name_your_telephony.html .

The full results of the research used in this press release are available in English at http://r.kaspersky.pl/vdBib .

source: Kaspersky Lab

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