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According to the distributor ITD24 Sp. z o.o., in January 2017 the Quick Heal manufacturer introduced its products to Poland. The offer, which the security provider from India directs for companies and consumers, is impressive in several respects. If we pay attention to the monitoring and management modules, their practicality will not give up a thousand words. This is best done by this comparative table .

Quick Heal Total Security belongs to a group of programs that deal with system resources gently. Bearing in mind other aspects, we can easily recommend Quick Heal programs to all security enthusiasts who require a large personalization and a subdued, but configurable interface from anti-viruses. These features are certainly not a dominant of competition - a trend initiated a few years ago to hide from the consumer the personal application of a protective application is not the best indicator of the quality of the purchased product. What are the criteria for creators who, from version to version, deprive Internet users of such personalization? Quick Heal does not go this way.

The animated-free interface works very fast. That is important thing.

Quick Heal Total Security offers an interesting offer for common sense supporters. Users, but also administrators, will find very similar protection characteristics in this product. The latter in small and medium-sized companies and people at CTO positions (Chief Technology Officer) in large corporations receive a tailored offer to a company of all sizes.

The undoubted advantage of Quick Heal are the ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certifications. This is important information for private and public entities, which expect the supplier to confirm the effectiveness of mechanisms ensuring data security as well as the professional provision of technical support services. In the context of securing and monitoring the organization's assets, the Data Leak Prevention (DLP) module deserves a recommendation - certificates confirm that a specialized and integrated DLP module is able to effectively supervise the storage and sharing of files and documents. In other words, resources that belong to the organization and that should not leave IT areas.

Quick Heal for consumers, Seqrite for businesses

Quick Heal Total Security designed for consumers is not the only offer addressed to them. The manufacturer has other protective applications in his portfolio, tailored to every pocket and needs . Are his solutions effective? The latest research conducted by AVLab has verified the effectiveness of protection against drive-by downloads. This is a significant asset in favor of the Quick Heal manufacturer.

Using professional tools to break computer security in ATP attacks (Advanced Threat Persident) using malvertising, checked whether protection programs for companies and individual users protect against advanced attacks, in which cybercriminals use unconventional malware and various methods of bypassing antivirus protection.

Quick Heal products have also recently been taking part in the AV-Test tests and with a very successful effect . No one should be surprised that the "new" producer immediately gets high marks. Quick Heal participated in the AV-Test tests much earlier, but the confusion around the methodology and the change in the way of testing caused that for some time the research was withdrawn. Now, Quick Heal returned and shows the claw :

The new "AV-Test TOP-PRODUCT" certificate is back to the old days. Up to the times when only the best programs were successful.

It's worth mentioning that to improve the safety of Quick Heal and Seqrite, AVLab has added its own brick. The necessary updates have already been implemented in Quick Heal solutions. Thanks to updates, users are properly protected by attacks using malicious scripts, which are threats that are run based on the system interpreter CMD and Powershell.

It is worth noting that the company Quick Heal through the Polish distributor ITD24.pl, offers organizations of all sizes anti-viruses distinguished by the brand "Seqrite":

  • Seqrite Endpoint Security Enterprise Suite is the most expensive offer. It contains the most features, including the DLP (Data Leak Prevention) module.
  • Seqrite Endpoint Security Total

    is a solution without a DLP module.

  • Seqrite Endpoint Business

    is the least developed product. It has the necessary technologies to protect against spam, Internet attacks (IPS / IDS), configurable firewall, asset and device management in the corporate network (white and black lists of peripherals and portable disks).

  • Serqrite Mobile Device Management

    as advanced, but with the intuitive console tool for administering the mobile fleet with Android and iOS systems, it is based on the cloud.

  • Seqrite UTM Terminator is a hardware security solution. It can be managed by the Seqrite Cloud product. As for now, UTM is not available in the distributor's offer. AVLab has been assured that the hardware with the second version of the operating system (OS 2.0) and in various hardware configurations will appear in Poland in the fourth quarter.
The manufacturer declares that UTM Terminator is easy to install and operate.

The differences in the functionalities of Seqrite solutions are perfectly reflected in the table on the website: http://pl.seqrite.com.

What positively surprises Seqrite products is support for most operating systems: Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows (including Microsoft's proprietary Windows XP), Linux; large configuration options using the Security EPS Console and IPS / IDS and DLP modules. The effectiveness of the first was confirmed by AVLab tests, in which the Seqrite Endpoint Security software managed to block most of the attacks using the indicated modules.

It is mandatory to protect agent settings with a password before changing the configuration.
The Polish language of the Security EPS Console is available from version 7.0.

Initial visual inspection of the DLP module shows detailed logging of events for files and documents in real time and central enforcement of access rules. Circumstances when employees have access to key information are not occasional. It is advisable to counteract, thus: monitoring access to files on the local disk and in network shares, modifying, copying, renaming and deleting - all this can be logged in the administrator console. Determining who caused the data leak, regardless of its source - it can be an FTP application, browser, e-mail, USB drive - it will not be a problem. Proper configuration will ensure that even Edward Snowden will not be able to steal company data without creating logs. There will also be no an unwanted attachment sent . Such "bloopers" are not uncommon.

DLP settings.
Files activity.

Quick Heal and ITD24 are almost 30 years of shared experience

It's been over a dozen years since the founding of Quick Heal in 1995. The manufacturer used this time to acquire 20,000 partners and establish offices in 64 countries around the world. Quick Heal estimated that it has about 7.1 million active licenses, of which about 1 million are Quick Heal Total Security licenses - a product targeted at consumers and micro companies. A license covering the protection of e.g. 1000 computers is treated by Quick Heal as one client, therefore the number of users is difficult to estimate.

If we were to indicate the company's greatest achievement, it will undoubtedly be a rapid real-time analysis of the attack on one of the laboratories, which is part of the Indian "Defense Research and Development Organization" - our government counterpart of the Ministry of National Defense. The report describes the "Sinon" campaign, which was detected on September 5, 2014 and aimed at infecting a government computer through a vulnerability in the Windows operating system. A quick analysis showed that attackers carried out attacks from a server located in Vietnam. A thwarted attempt to steal files through the DLP module caused the attack to be completely ineffective. Let's add that the attack used malicious software hiding in the form of the "avg.dll" file. It removed the real one and installed a fake anti-virus. This particular rogueware threat (a fake antivirus program) gave the attackers remote access to the infected machine.

Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. operates not only in the computer industry. A strong sense of responsibility towards the local society has created a willingness to help, support education and protect against digital threats - also against the negative impact of technology on human life. Founded in 2014, the Quick Heal Foundation helps other independent organizations that support poor rural population and, above all, not equipped " medical facilities ", which are far away from developed areas.

Offer for Polish companies

The most important Seqrite functionalities include: vulnerability scanner, device control, application control, file change monitor, DLP functions, hardware and software inventory, attack detection system, as well as an optimization tool. Of course Seqrite software comes in several variants. There is both an option to manage stationary and portable computers, as well as a separate product supporting the control of the mobile fleet (Seqrite Mobile Device Management). The distributor informs that the Seqrite product range has just been increased by Seqrite Cloud. This solution allows you to manage Seqrite Security EPS Console from anywhere in the world and is not functionally limited in any way. The distribution will also include UTM from Quick Heal with the new version 2.0 software.

Thanks to ITD24 Sp. z o.o, Quick Heal products are available in Poland . Why are you interested in the Seqrite solution with similar offers at your fingertips? The distributor points to the strengths of Quick Heal products, which are in vain to look for from competitors in such a consolidated package. Seqrite Endpoint Security solutions, in addition to the "standard antivirus software", provide a comprehensive security deposit, which in competitive products may be present in separate applications or even in software from third parties. Technical support is provided around the clock in English in the form of chat, telephone or e-mail. Quick Heal with numerous offices in Europe, Asia and North America is able to provide round-the-clock help in follow-the-sun mode. If necessary, the technical engineer will establish a remote connection to the device. Support in Polish language is guaranteed by the distributor during business hours from 8 to 17. If the priority of the notification requires urgent contact, the manufacturer provides 24-hour support.

End customers, partners or resellers can get more details about the Seqrite antivirus brand from the distributor, as well as ask for an online presentation to be carried out by a technical support engineer.

For more information about the Seqrite solution, please visit pl.seqrite.com

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