Report - increase of phishing threats

New F-Secure surveys show that there is a growing number of malicious programs aimed at extorting money from the pocket of phone and computer users. According to the new threat report, malware, such as Trojans that send SMS messages to premium numbers and ransom programs, are still spreading and are still an important element in the online threat landscape.

259 of the 574 known SmsSend variants were identified in the second half of 2014, which means that it is the fastest growing family of mobile malware. SmsSend brings profits to criminals by infecting Android devices and sending SMSs to premium numbers (with a premium rate). Mobile users are also harassed by ransomware software, and the Koler and Slocker families have been identified as one of the most common threats to Android devices.

Ransom software uses encryption or other advanced mechanisms to block access to the device - said Mikko Hypponen , head of F-Secure Laboratories - Criminals prevent users from using the devices until they receive a ransom. Virtual currencies have made it easier to use ransom-based software that has become more profitable and useful for criminals. From the perspective of end users, software that enforces ransom is currently the most serious digital threat.

Software that enforces ransom also attacks PCs, and the Browlock family is among the top 10 threats identified in the report. As for other notable threats, the top ten included more well-known malware families such as the Conficker / Downadup worm, the Sality virus, and various varieties of the Ramnit virus. Together, these three families represented 55 percent. all detections on the list of the 10 most common threats.

The new, noteworthy newcomer in the top ten is Kilim, a family of malicious browser extensions. These extensions attack Facebook accounts and use them to publish unwanted content and steal information. They constituted 11 percent. of the top 10 most frequently detected threats. The rapidly growing number of Kilim detection by F-Secure software is largely due to the cooperation with Facebook. The cooperation of both companies was announced in May last year and aims to increase the safety of Facebook users *.

According to Hypponen, understanding the motives of attackers is becoming an increasingly important aspect of cyber security, because it helps to determine why specific attacks use a specific combination of malware and tactics .

I strongly believe that identifying an attacker is one of the most important things an organization can do to protect itself ... there is no way we can defend ourselves if we do not understand who the attackers are.

The full threat report , which is available on the F-Secure website, provides more information about new events, regional threats and the entire digital threat landscape in the second half of 2014.

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