Report: Most companies do not know where their confidential data is

About 64% of companies are unsure where their confidential data is located, and more than half of them are worried that their data may be retrieved by temporary employees or stolen by data security errors. Such statistics are provided by the Data Security Intelligence report - carried out by the Ponemon Institute (a center that explores privacy, data protection and consumer and company safety policies).

Lack of knowledge about data (52%), third parties or external companies having access to data (48%) and migration to new mobile platforms or systems served by the cloud (47%) are the three biggest worries that sleep on business managers IT.

Other problems include hackers, non-compliance with the Data Protection Act, errors of employees and theft of personal identity.

According to the report, the most risky data is those stored in the cloud: about 34% of the secret information of the organization in the cloud is exposed to risk, while 24% of respondents believe that the data in the company may become the target of the attack.

However, as Bitdefender informs on his blog, there are more and more talks about ransomware threats, which in the company hit the weakest point of the above tests - poorly trained staff.

Ransomware is a type of malware (malware) that by infecting a device or computer blocks its basic functions and forces the user to pay money off, in return for restoring control over the operating system and access to data stored on the computer. The most dangerous version of it encrypts company files and folders with files such as a document, spreadsheet, photos and video. The threat is able to get into the computer via the downloaded file, using inconsistencies in the protection structure or even through a text message.

A worker who is not allergic to suspicious messages coming to his or her inbox may become the start of an infection in the company. Unfortunately, undetected ransomware threats can lead not only to data loss, but also to serious financial losses.

The respondents in the report exchange various ways to improve data protection in their companies, including: automatic detection of transferred data, access control of users along with reporting and simultaneous management of distributed units (eg computers, or entire departments of the company) and data centers. The latest generation of Bitdefender GravityZone protection not only allows you to protect your company against external attacks, but also against data leakage - it allows you to block ports from connecting unauthorized devices, and special filters block the ability to send confidential information.

As part of the report, 1663 specialists and practitioners of the IT industry were surveyed, working in 18 countries and 16 industry sectors. Only IT specialists and practitioners were interviewed whose work is to protect sensitive and confidential information.

source: Bitdefender

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