Router Checker - a free online tool for checking DNS addresses in home and office routers

F-Secure in response to the growing number of attacks on home and office routers has made available a free online tool for checking DNS settings. The service compares the primary and alternate DNS addresses with addresses on the black list and, if necessary, informs about the potential threat.

DNS servers help computers and other devices locate themselves from the Internet. They are responsible for the fact that by typing in the web browser address: the user goes to the website of the Finnish antivirus software manufacturer. Changing these addresses allows cybercriminals to redirect users' traffic to their websites, which, although they look safe, can display unwanted advertisements and even steal private data, such as logins and passwords for e-mail or online banking services. According to F-Secure Laboratories, at least 300,000 routers were attacked last year. It should be remembered that each of them usually supports several devices, both stationary and portable.

Attacks on router settings are difficult to see because they do not have clear symptoms. Typically, users go to sites that have slightly more ads, or are redirected to unsafe sites that appear to be unlikely , says F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan . For this reason, frequent diagnosis of whether or not we have fallen victim to changing the router's settings is extremely important.

Therefore, F-Secure provides a simple and free online tool for checking DNS addresses in Router Checker home and office routers. With just one button, it allows users to determine whether they are actually connecting to the websites they were going to.

Router Checker identifies the Internet settings responsible for what users see online. In the event of an error, it displays an appropriate message, which is a signal that you must reset or reconfigure the router. It does not require a lot of work, but it is extremely important from the point of view of security. Using Router Checker is recommended regularly to be able to use the network resources without stress. The tool can be found at this address: .

In order for the change of DNS addresses to have a tangible effect, verify your settings on each device operating in the local network and make sure that the DNS server addresses are assigned automatically or statically. It is worth using the secure DNS in the Open DNS service . In the primary DNS field (preferred), enter, in the secondary (alternative) field:

source: F-Secure

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