SecureAPlus: changes in the operation of the "second opinion scanner" from version 4.6.2

SecureAPlus 4.6.1 users have probably already received or will soon receive a message (unfortunately only in English) informing about changes in the second opinion scanner function, which will appear in the next version 4.6.2 at the end of June 2017. The message contains a link to the full content of the entry located on the SecureAPlus blog. The manufacturer underlines that the new operating principles of the scanner must be introduced due to changes in the Jotti scanning service policy used by SecureAPlus. Recall that currently the second opinion scanner presents the results of scanning unknown files based on 18 antivirus engines, allowing to check any sample for the content of malicious software. From July 2017, changes in the operating principles of this scanner await SecureAPlus users.

This message has already been seen, or soon all SecureAPlus users will see.

The results of the second opinion scanner from version 4.6.2 will no longer appear in the white list of SecureAPlus applications. According to SecureAge, it will allow faster decision making to continue blocking or unblocking a given file. The user will still be able to see the results from the scanner, but they will be displayed in the web browser. Interestingly, the user will be transferred to the VirusTotal website, not Jotti. This aspect will certainly satisfy some of the clients who, after breaking the cooperation with the former, had to be satisfied with the more modest number of antivirus engines offered by the latter. Each time it will be possible to send an unknown file for analysis, if necessary. In this case, just click the name of the file, after which the user will be moved to a folder containing an unknown sample, and then with the "move and drop" method, upload the file requesting analysis directly in the VirusTotal service.

The full content of the announcement can be found on the SecureAPlus blog.

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