Soon, Firefox will inform you about the leak of your data

The developers of Firefox have created a pilot version of the browser. It is intended to alert users about websites whose security has been compromised and as a result the data collected by these services has been leaked. The test Firefox is currently available only in the version for developers. Enriched with new functionality, the browser is powered by the mechanism from the " Have I Been Pwned? " Page, which allows to check if the user's login data has leaked. Users who want to test a new browser extension can download it from the GitHub portal and then import it to Firefox. The extension contains a field in which the browser users must provide their e-mail address in exchange for receiving alerts regarding data breach. As indicated by Nihanth Subramanya, one of the Mozilla developers, the extension may raise some users' concerns about submitting their e-mail address. At the moment, the developers of Firefox do not provide details on the permanent introduction of functionality to the browser interface.

Experts from ESET remind that this is not the first time that the creators of web browsers take particular care of the safety of their users. Quite recently, Google in cooperation with ESET introduced the Chrome Cleanup security tool, which automatically informs Chrome users about the detection of potentially unwanted applications (eg browser add-ons) and gives you the option to remove them.

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