Sophos launches predyktywną protection on the basis of neural network

Sophos, a world leader in security and IT control and terminal equipment (endpoint security), announced the expansion of its deals with a new version of Intercept X -anti-malware solutions. New technology combines advanced application blocking and advanced threat protection type ransomware. Through the use of learning based on the creation of computerized neural networks, Intercept X delivers highly effective in detecting and preventing even the most complex forms of malware.

"Deep Learning" is the latest level of the evolution of machine learning, in contrast with its traditional forms, allows you to create a scalable model of threat detection. Through the use of computerized neural networks that resemble your action of working of the human brain, the security system is able to assimilate the structure of the ever-changing landscape of threats. Deep learning allows you to Intercept X analysis of hundreds of millions of samples in real time, which limits the number of false alarms and shortens the detection of new forms of malware.

Sophos InterceptX Konsola

The new version of Sophos Intercept X also provides innovative solutions for the prevention of exploitom and in the field of the protection by the effects of ransomware.

In recent years stand under the sign of efficient security systems by which hackers began to take on the goal of the most sensitive personal data of Internet users. Intercept X detects and neutralizes trying to illegal acquisition and use. However, thanks to the implementation through cloud-based platform for Sophos, Intercept X can be doinstalowany to each available on the software market. Is also part of a synchronized mechanism protection Sophos, which administrators can manage the security of your entire IT environment from one central console. Apply the solution on workstations virtually does not affect the performance of their work. In this way, adheres to the principle that the effectiveness is to be used for everyday business tasks and not for work protection algorithms.

Sophos InterceptX Konsola część druga

Predictive protection is the future of it security. Sophos has done a huge step forward, including the technology of deep learning computer wykorzystującę neural networks to solve the Intercept X, "says Sebastian Zamora, Channel Account Executive, Sophos. Intercept X can provide the most advanced protection of any company, regardless of its size or model.

The report prepared by the ESG Lab shows that each organization should assume that may fall victim to cybercrime. A recent study leaves no illusions, for one-quarter of the companies in the sector of small and medium-sized companies from North America and Western Europe, said that it is difficult to keep up with the constant changes in the landscape of today's digital zgorzeń.

In the latest study, Gartner, Sophos has been categorised as group leaders. The producers of this group offer very robust products for the mass market, are characterized by high sales and offer very competitive solutions for very specific purposes. May direct the market setting its direction, which is an added value for the end customer.

New features of Sophos Intercept X include:

Malware detection based on deep learning:

  • Model using neural network detects known and unknown malicious software and potentially unwanted applications (so-called. PUA) without relying on signatures.
  • The system weighs less than 20 MB and does not require frequent updates.

AAM Systems (Active Adversary Mitigations):

  • Protection against loss of identity-theft protection passwords and sensitive information from memory, registry, media assets from the consequences of such attacks. Mimikatz.
  • Code cave utilization-detects the presence of the code in another application, often used to bypass anti-virus systems.
  • Protection of the APC-detects abuse of the procedure for submission of applications (APC) often used as part of the AtomBombing code techniques and, more recently, as a method of spreading the software WannaCry and NotPetya through EternalBlue and DoublePulsar.

New and improved techniques to prevent exploitom:

  • A malicious process migration-detects malicious DLL used to transition between system processes.
  • Escalation of privileges to processes-prevents escalation of a low-privileged process to higher-tactics used to obtain extensive access to the system.

Extended block on the application:

  • Browser lock-Intercept X prevents a malicious using PowerShell in browsers.
  • Application blocking HTA-HTML applications loaded by the browser will apply restrictions if they were.

More about Intercept X and deep learning can be found at: Free trial of Intercept X is available on this site:

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